Ladders - Wooden, G;ass Fibre, Steel & Aluminium

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Wooden Ladders: Durable, Fully Repairable and Non-Conductive

Wooden ladders - or timber ladders - are our timeless classics. Here at Bretts we use Douglas Fir, and our single, double and triple section ladders have Ash rungs for added strength. And all metal fittings are rust-proofed.

All our timber ladders are varnished. And of course, we offer a full range of wooden ladders:

  • Single Section Ladders
  • Double Section Ladders
  • Triple Section Ladders
  • Window Cleaning Ladder  -  specially designed with a block in the top end to rest against window frames
  • Roof Ladders - designed to lay flat on roofs
  • Swing Back Steps - a stepladder with treads only - no platform
  • Platform Steps - with treads and a platform ... so you can stand for greater periods of time
  • 2-Sided Step - two stepladders hinged back to back
  • Shelf Ladder - a  stepladder with a bar across the top to rest against shelves and racking. For use in warehouse, shop or office.
  • Loft Ladder - complete with fully insulated trap door. 

Ladder Safety

If you need extra strength, some of our wooden ladders can be supplied reinforced with steel wire (or with an alternative non-conductive material).

And - for your added safety - rope operation can be fitted to the longer ladders (you should have this if the ladder is over 3 metrers in length when closed).

Why not ask for our full catalogue now. Just fill in your details, and you'll be able to download it straight away. And we'll send you our free mini-course on what to look for in a ladder.